What SELPA does for Districts, Families, and Students

    • Fiscal administration of Federal and State Grant Funds
    • Develops and implements Local Plan for Special Education
    • Writes and revises policies as required
    • Provides for parent involvement through the Community Advisory Council
    • Provides and coordinates WorkAbility 1/Job Developers/Job Coaches
    • Provides SELPA and Regional Staff Development opportunities
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution training and services
    • Individual Education Plan Forms Management: Special Education Information System (SEIS)
    • Liaison activities with associated agencies
    • Manage Low-Incidence Equipment; approval and tracking of inventory
    • Produces and maintains publications and information resources
    • Collects and submits Fiscal Data required for Grant Expenditure Reports
    • Oversees and supports CDE’s Required Self Review process
    • Maintains compliance with Federal IDEA and State Laws and Regulations
    • Develops Memorandums of Understanding and Interagency Agreements for Provision of services to students lending library services