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Program Mission and Vision

  • Mission Statement

    The purpose of the Added Authorization Credential Program is to prepare Special Education teachers with the supplemental knowledge and skills necessary to effectively support students in three specialty areas: 

    • Early Childhood Special Education (ECSEAA)
    • Orthopedic Impairment (OIAA)
    • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBIAA)

    Vision Statement

    The Added Authorizations Credentials Program's vision is to impact the field of Special Education with educators who:

    • Understand and can apply the knowledge and skills needed to support all students learning needs in response to their biological and cognitive development and/or physical needs
    • Value the importance, relationships, and collaboration of all educational partners including families, school personnel, and other service providers. 
    • Effectively administer and analyze assessments to choose research evidence-based curriculum and interventions that ensure students meet or exceed their individualized educational plan (IEP) goals.

About Our Program

  • The Added Authorization Credential Program:

    • Is designed specifically to team our candidates in small cohorts which are infused with the skills and strategies of creating a "Professional Learning Community."
    • Chooses highly-qualified educators who have the experience and knowledge, as Added Authorizations Credential Program course instructors, to facilitate and support the deep learning opportunities for candidates in each of the three specialty areas offered. 
    • Includes carefully developed curriculum which integrates course work, fieldwork activities, and technology. 
    • Offers courses utilizing a user-friendly online platform, the Blackboard Learning System.
    • Is a year-long program which aligns with a typical school calendar in regard to breaks and holidays.
    • For each specialty area 4 courses are included which typically last 5-10 weeks depending on content and fieldwork expectations.
    • Models high expectations for all candidates by scoring all assignments using a standards-based rubric. There is an expectation that all coursework submissions will meet or exceed standards; if a candidate's submission does not meet standard, the instructor will provide specific actionable feedback, the candidate will then revise and resubmit.  This ensures candidates are successful in mastering all program content. 


  • The Added Authorizations Credentials Program offers three specialty areas, each consisting of four core courses that are based on the specific California Added Authorization Specialty Standards. (click on the  title of specialty to download a more detailed description of that specific program)

    Early Childhood Special Education Added Authorization (ECSEAA) 

    • ECAA1 - Course 1: Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers with Special Needs
    • ECAA2 - Course 2: Working with Families in Early Childhood Special Education 
    • ECAA3 - Course 3: Assessment and Instruction for Infants, Toodlers, and Preschoolers
    • ECAA4 - Course 4: Supervised Field Experience - Project in Early Childhood Special Education

    Orthopedic Impairment Added Authorization (OIAA)

    • OIAA1 - Course 1: Characteristics of Students with Orthopedic Impairments
    • OIAA2 - Course 2: Assessment, Communication, Educational Access and Adaptions for Students with Orthopedic Impairments
    • OIAA3 - Course 3: Specialized Health Care and Supports for Students with Orthopedic Impairments 
    • OIAA4 - Course 4: Transition and Collaborating with Families and Other Service Providers for Students with Orthopedic Impairments

    Traumatic Brain Injury Added Authorization (TBIAA)

    • TBIAA1 - Course 1: Characteristics of Students with Traumatic Brain Injury
    • TBIAA2 - Course 2: Teaching and Learning for Students with Traumatic Brain Injury
    • TBIAA3 - Course 3: Behavior and Emotional Strategies for Students with Traumatic Brain Injury
    • TBIAA4 - Course 4: Collaborating with Other Service Providers


  • The Added Authorizations Credential Program (AA) Assignments are designed to provide candidates an opportunity to critically think about the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to provide pathways for the success of all students in their care.

    Reading Assignments and Cohort Discussions - Utilizing the most current and relevant texts, articles, and research, candidates explore the theory behind implementing the Added Authorization Specialty Standards. Cohort teams discuss both the content and the impact the learning will have on their students. 

    Reflective Writing Assignments - Helping to guide candidates in making meaningful personal connections between theory and best practices for students with specialized needs. 

    Fieldwork Assignments are an integral part of the Added Authorizations Credential Program and are designed to deepen learning and promote reflective practice.

    Through fieldwork assignments candidates:

    • apply the principles learned and practiced in each course
    • participate in both observation and hands-on teaching and assessment practices with a wide range of educators and other service providers in various settings.

    60 hours of Fieldwork is required for each of the specialty areas. Fieldwork assignments are embedded in each of the four courses for each of the Added Authorizations. A Fieldwork Supervisor will sign off on a candidate's completion of hours for each Fieldwork assignment.

Added Authorizations Credential Program Prerequisite - Base Credential

  • Candidate must possess one of the following valid intern, preliminary, professional, clear or life credentials:

    • Education Specialist Instruction Credential (Special Education Teaching Credential)
    • One of the following Services Credentials (must include the Special Class Authorization (SCA))
      • Speech-Language Pathology
      • Clinical
      • Rehabilitative

CTC Criteria for Added Authorizations Specialty Area Credential Recommendation

    • Verification of possession of appropriate base credential
    • Completion of Commission-approved program, Madera County Superintendent of Schools Added Authorizations Credential Program including:
      • Core course work
      • Successful completion of supervised Fieldwork study 
      • CTC processing fee

Upcoming Cohorts

  • Upcoming Cohort Teams are now forming...

    If you think you might be interested in joining the next Fall cohort, please complete the cohort Interest Form below. Your name will be added to a list of interested candidates which will be used to send out updates on future cohort schedules and openings. 

    Added Authorizations Credential Program Interest Form

Application Information

Lawful Practices

  • It is the policy of the Madera County Superintendent of Schools to provide equal opportunity in employment for all persons and to prohibit discrimination based on race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age (over 40 years), gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, medical condition, or physical or mental handicap in every aspect of personnel policy and practice in employment, development, advancement, and treatment of employees; and to promote the total realization of equal employment opportunity. (SP4120)

    This same policy applies to the Added Authorizations program. Should the candidate question decisions made regarding a candidate’s admission, retention, or completion of the program; or the prerequisites for program participation, program requirements, participation hours, special needs, provisions, anti-discrimination policy, program extension request rationale, and/or denial of Added Authorizations Credential, the following Grievance and Appeals Process will be implemented.

    Grievance and Appeals Process

Contact Information

  • This is the best email to get quick answers to your questions:

    The Added Authorizations Team

    Jason Mercier
    Director, Credential & Certification Programs
    Phone: 559-662-3865

    Graciela Magdaleno
    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 559-662-4667

    Accounts Receivable Department

    Mailing Address:
    Madera County
    Superintendent of Schools
    Attn: Graciela Magdaleno
    1105 S. Madera Avenue
    Madera, CA 93637

    Attn: Graciela Magdaleno

Instructor Interest

  • The Added Authorizations Program is looking for highly qualified instructors to provide engaging learning experiences and valuable feedback to our candidates. Click on the link below to view the minimum qualifications and to complete an Interest Form.

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