The Madera County Board of Education is a duly elected governing board deriving its power from the Constitution and action of the Legislature of the State of California, (Constitution, Art. IX. Sec. 1 and Education Code, Div. 1, Chapter 1).  The County Board of Education shall be bound by the laws and regulations as set forth in the California Education Code and as it is amended by the California legislature from time to time.

    The Madera County Board of Education shall:

    • Adopt rules and regulations for its own government not inconsistent with the laws of California.
    • Keep a record of its proceedings.
    • Review and approve the annual County School Service Fund Budget of the County Superintendent of Schools before its submission to the to the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
    • Perform functions as provided elsewhere in the Education Code
    • The Board of Education has the responsibility to hear inter-district transfer and expulsion appeals.  Each appeal is examined and reviewed on its individual basis.
    • The Madera County Board of Education also serves as the Madera County Committee on School District Organization. The County Committee functions within the rules and regulations established by the legislature and its own policies and procedures.  The Committee may respond to petitioners and school district governing boards.
    • The Board is actively involved in the Madera County School Boards Association (MCSBA), the California County School Boards of Education (CCBE), California School Boards Association (CSBA), as well as other local community services agencies.