Educationally Related Mental Health Services/Emotionally Disturbed

  • Emotionally Related Mental Health Services

    Services are provided to those students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) who would benefit from counseling to address mental health and/or behavioral issues that are impeding the student’s ability to benefit from and make progress in their educational setting. 

    Therapy may be provided on an individual basis or in a small group setting.  Additional services may include consultation with district personnel, classroom environmental analysis, data collection and staff training.

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  • Emotionally Disturbed/Special Day Classes

    Special classrooms are operated by the Madera County Superintendent of Schools for those students who are identified as Emotionally Disturbed and require specific behavioral and socio-emotional strategies to achieve educational benefit in their instruction.

    Multi-leveled systems of support are provided to students that range from group counseling to intensive individual therapy in an instructional setting that continues to focus on academic progress while meeting the mental health needs of the students.

    Jason Peterson, M.A., Program Director
    Phone: (559) 662-4611