Specialized Designed Academic Instruction

  • Moderate/Severe Special Day Classes

    Special day classes are designed to meet the educational and functional needs of students with the most significant cognitive delays.  Classes are located on general education campuses throughout Madera County and on one center-based educational site and are available to students from the nine school districts.  Curriculum and instruction focus on the individual needs of students with an emphasis on functional life skills leading to the greatest degree of independence as possible.  Students’ Individual Education Plans (IEP) guide instruction. Goals and objectives are developed based upon adopted state standards.

    Adult Transition Program

    The Adult Transition Program (ATP) is specifically designed for students, ages 18-22, to help them prepare for adulthood by offering them functional academic, vocational, domestic, and recreational opportunities to promote independence.  The focus is to provide the necessary training students need to become active, contributing members of their community.  The program provides job training opportunities in the classroom and paid work experience in the community.  Learning to manage independently in the home is emphasized.  Students create menus, shop at local grocery stores, and practice using public transportation.

     Resource Specialist Progam

    Services are provided to eligible students who require assistance in support of their regular education instruction in the Career Technical Alternative Education Services division of the Madera County Superintendent of Schools (MCSOS).  These services include individual or small group instruction to incarcerated youth, students attending the Pioneer Technical Center (PTC) campuses, Madera County Independent Academy (MCIA), or charter schools operated by MCSOS.  Students who require more academic support are served through a special day class located at PTC.