• The Academic Pentathlon was held on Friday, May 1 and moved to an individual online format. Students were able to compete from home.  The event was originally scheduled for March 13 and was postponed the day before competition. The date was changed multiple times due to COVID-19 and finally moved to an online format.  Pentathletes took tests in the areas of fine arts, literature, science and social science. All tests centered on this year’s timely topic “In Sickness and In Health: A History of Illness and Wellness.”

    “Students were able to put into practice some of the things they learned while studying infectious diseases and pandemics throughout our history,” said Dr. Cecilia Massetti, Madera County Superintendent of Schools.

    All 15 schools elected to continue to participate and 186 students competed online, 76% of the original number of students originally registered.

    Medals were sent to students at their home and a video awards announcement was released on the Madera County Superintendent of Schools Student Events Facebook page for students and families to view.

    The Madera County Pentathlon was held in coordination with Orange County and LAUSD, the two other counties in California that elected to continue with a modified event. County coordinators worked together to create a state-wide Pentathlon day. The scores of all 734 participants across the state were compiled and list of the top 10 scoring students in each grade level and subject area was released.

    Madera County had 19 seventh grade students and 20 eighth grade students that scored high enough to place in the top 10 in the various subject areas, some students placed multiple times. Mayrlin Vasquez, a seventh grader at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School placed first in the state in the literature competition.

    Madera County’s pentathletes are truly champions! They really showed their resiliency, determination, and steadfast commitment to the program and to being their best. They are an inspiration!

    Participating schools include: Coarsegold Elementary School, Eastin-Arcola School, Howard Elementary School, Jack G. Desmond Middle School, Martin Luther King, Jr, Middle School, Mountain Home School Charter, North Fork Elementary School, Oak Creek Intermediate School, Ranchos Middle School, Raymond-Knowles Elementary School, Rivergold Elementary School,  Sherman Thomas STEM Academy, Spring Valley School, Thomas Jefferson Middle School and Wasuma Elementary School.

    For more information or if your school would like to participate next year, please email Kristi Winter, Coordinator, Student Events or call (559) 662-3873.

Academic Pentathlon logo.  A lamp of learning on stacked books in a pentagon.