Madera County Academic Decathlon

  • Chowchilla High School Wins the 2019 Decathlon!

    Seven schools competed on Saturday, February 2 in this 10-event competition answering questions on the 1960s: A Transformational Decade.  Participating schools included:  Chawanakee Academy, Chowchilla High School, Glacier High Charter School, Liberty High School, Madera High School, Madera South High School and Yosemite High School.  Madera South High School came in second place with Yosemite High School placing third.  Chowchilla will advance to the state competition March 21-24 with a score of 39,520.4 to compete against the best teams in the state.

    A total of 115 medals were handed out at the awards ceremony.  Chawanakee Academy Charter received a total of 11 medals: 3 bronze, 4 silver and 4 gold.  Chowchilla Union High received 36 medals: 8 bronze, 14 silver and 14 gold.  Glacier High Charter received 9 medals: 1 bronze, 2 silver, and 6 gold.  Liberty High was awarded 17 medals: 8 bronze, 5 silver and 4 gold medals.  Madera High received 2 silver medals.  Madera South High received 17 medals: 8 bronze, 7 silver and 2 gold.  Yosemite High was awarded 23 medals: 9 bronze, 5 silver and 9 gold medals.

    Madison Ingraham, a senior from Chowchilla Union High School was the top scoring decathlete this year, scoring 8,260.1 points out of 10,000 across the 10 events.

    The Academic Decathlon is a high school competition challenging students in 10 areas of study.  Seven of the events are written tests: art, economics, math, music, language and literature, science and social science.  Students also write essays, deliver prepared and impromptu speeches, and participate in interviews.  This year’s required novel for the literature test was Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard.  

    Decathlon teams are comprised of up to 25 members competing in three levels of competition: Honor (A), Scholastic (B) and Varsity (C) students.  During the Super Quiz, there are three rounds of competition with groups of three students answering question in front of a live audience.  Students are allowed to discuss the question and answers before making their individual selections. 

    The California Academic Decathlon website provides updates and general information on the program and can be found at

    For more information, please contact Kristi Winter, Coordinator, Student Events at (559) 662-3873. 

    The Madera County Academic Decathlon is funded by donations from local businesses and community members.  The Madera County Schools Foundation proudly supports the event.

2019 Madera County Winning Team and Highest Scoring Student

Chowchilla Union High School's Winning Team
Madison Igraham, 2019 Highest Scoring Student
2019 Top Scoring Students