2018 Pitman Scholarship recipient, Noelia Zuniga and board vice president, Kathie Rossi
Caleb Lynch, top scoring decathete

Carolyn Pitman Scholarhip

  • The Madera County Schools Foundation is pleased to present two $2,000 scholarships each year in memory of Carolyn Pitman who was a teacher in Madera.  One Madera High School young woman and one Madera South High School young woman will receive a scholarship each year.  The scholarship will be paid $500 a year for four years for full-time college students.

    When Mrs. Pitman was attending school she wanted to pursue her goal of an advanced college degree but was unable to afford it.  Because of a generous loan from a woman in the community, Mrs. Pitman was able to continue her education and earn a Master’s Degree.  When Mrs. Pitman was able to repay the loan, the woman asked her to keep the money and use it to assist other young women with their educational goals.

    The 2018 recipients were Gisselle Morado-Miramontes from Madera High School and Noelia Zuniga from Madera South High School.  Congratulations to this year's recipients!

Academic Decathlon Scholarships

  • Each year the Foundation awards scholarships to the top scoring student in each subject (art, economics, essay, interview, lang/lit, math, music, science, social science, speech), the top scoring senior on each team and the top scoring student overall.  In 2018 the Foundation awarded $2,100 to students.  The following is a list of scholarship recipients at the 2018 Academic Decathlon.

Academic Decathlon Scholarship Recipients