Quality Counts AB212

  • Our success with the Quality Counts Workforce Pathways Grant program isn't only measured by numbers and statistics but also in the everyday effect the program has on the early care and education providers it serves.

    Quality Counts

    • Provides a system of professional development designed to enhance the educational level of the workforce by placing increased emphasis on professional development and education while requiring retention.
    • Encourages the professionalism of the field.
    • Increases the educational level of ECE teachers and providers.
    • Places participants on career pathways leading to: further education, advancement on the Child Development Matrix, and degree attainment.

    To be eligible for the Quality Counts Workforce Pathways Grant program, you must:

    • Work in Madera County.
    • Work in a licensed state funded center.
    • Be employed with the same child care agency or employer for at least nine (9) out of the last twelve (12) months.
    • Provide direct or indirect care for children for a minimum of fifteen (15) hours per week.
    • Earn less that $60,000 annually.
    • Have an active and completed Workforce Registry. (caregistry.org)