Child Find

  • Do you have a child or know of a child who seems to have difficulty learning?

    Help is available.

    The purpose of Child Find is to locate and evaluate children who are suspected of having a disability. If it is determined that the disability interferes with learning, special education and/or related services may be recommended. Related services may include (but are not limited to): Speech/Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Counseling Services.

Two young girls smiling
  • Who may refer children?

    Anyone can refer a child, including:

    • Parents/legal guardians
    • Other family members
    • Physicians
    • School personnel
    • Child care providers
    • Community agencies
    • Infant & toddler programs 
  • When should a child be referred to Child Find?

    • When birth complications or a medical disorder interferes with development and/or learning
    • When the child seems to have difficulty understanding simple directions
    • When the child seems to have difficulty hearing or seeing
    • When you or others outside the family don't understand the child's speech
    • When the child appears to be learning slower than other children his/her age
    • When the child appears to have social or emotional difficulties that affect his/her ability to learn
Mother reading to her son