Early Childhood Special Education

  • Early Start

    Early Start is a collaborative program that provides early intervention services to infants and toddlers from birth until age three who have a disability in any of the following areas: physical, cognitive and adaptive development, communication or socio-emotional. Conducted in the natural environment of the child’s home, services focus on the developmental needs of the child, the concerns and priorities of the family and the resources available to the family.  Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSP) address the needs of the child and the family and identify the services to be provided.

     Early Start Family Resource Center

    The Early Start Family Resource Center provides parent-to-parent contact, information about disabilities and early intervention services and assistance in accessing other services.  The goal of the Family Resource Center is to help, encourage, train and support families and their children with disabilities.  Information is also made available through a resource library, guest speakers, and presentations.

    Liz Gomez
    Support Specialist
    Phone: (559) 662-4878
    Email: lgomez@mcsos.org

     To access the Family Resource Center online catalog, click on the link.  frc.mcsos.org/library

    A family holding hands. Girl, dad, mom, son