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  • For more than 35 years Madera County Superintendent of Schools and Madera County Schools Foundation has sponsored various student academic events to challenge students to use their minds in a wide variety of settings.  The students competing in these programs are enrolled in grades K-12.  The programs are designed to take notice of the excellent and creative elementary, junior and senior high school programs offered in the schools of Madera County.

    The purposes for these competitions are to recognize and reward students for academic success and to promote the value of learning.  Our students are encouraged to study in the areas of art, mathematics, science, written and oral communication, logical thinking, problem solving, and current events, in order to acquire knowledge and to develop into educated community leaders.

    Madera County Superintendent of Schools' student events are generously supported by the businesses and the residents of Madera County.

  • A special thank you to all of our student events sponsors.  Without your generous support, these events would not be possible.  Now accepting donations for the 2022-23 events!  This is a listing for the 2022-23 school year as of January 1, 2023.

    Diamond Sponsors ($5,000)

    Educational Employees Credit Union

    EECU Smarter Banking Logo


    Pacific Gas and Electric Company

    Pacific Gas and Electric Company logo with the letters PG&E in a blue box




    Gold Medal ($1,000-$2,499)

    Agriland Farming
    Agriland logo with a tree coming out of the l in Agriland

    Camerena Health
    Camarena Health logo with a heart on the left of the name

    Chowchilla Rebekah Lodge #327 
     Rebekah Lodge Logo- a dove holding a flower with a crescent moon and stars on the right and three chain links at the end of the moon on the bottom.

    Silver Medal ($500-$999)
    Berry & Berry Inc.
    Chowchilla Rotary Club
    Janet and Dan Grossnicklaus
    Kathleen Lopes
    Madera Family Medical Group
    Madera County Superintendent of Schools Leadership Team
    Midland Tractor
    Motschiedler, Michaelides, Wishon, Brewer & Ryan, LLP
    Pistoresi Ambulance
    Bronze Medal ($250-$499)
    Steve Barsotti
    David and Cathie Bustos
    Creative Leadership Associates  
    Fitzgerald, Alvarez & Ciummo  
    Friend of Student Events
    Lawvex, LLP
    Lozano Smith
    Madera Collection Services, Inc.  
    Mariposa-Madera County ACSA Charter
    Dianna and Scott Marsh
    Dr. Cecilia Massetti
    Plaza Flower Shop  
    Ponderosa Telephone
    Dan and Nancy Prosperi
    Retired Teachers Assoc. Madera #79
    Trigo Enterprises LLC
    Supporter ($100-$249)
    Bruce and Jennie Alameida
    AMJ Cattle Ranch  
    Bruce and Mary Blair
    Borchardt, Corona, Faeth & Zakarian
    Doug Collins, Superintendent Chowchilla Elementary
    Geri Kendall Cox
    Jan Crader
    Art Davis
    DeGroot Family
    Terry and Cyndy Dolph
    Friends of Student Events
    Conrad and Leslie Gaunt
    Ingraham Trophies
    Cheryl A. Lara
    Judge Ernest LiCalsi and Susie LiCalsi
    Lester Lowe, DDS
    Fred and Diane Massetti  
    Gail McIntyre
    Shirley Moore
    Dr. Julia O'Kane
    Summer Paccassi
    Susan Pennell
    Tricia and Rocky Protzman
    Mitchell and Nancy Rigby
    Tom and Sara Robison
    Ron Roush
    Paige Sanders
    Betty A. Scalise
    Alfred Soares, Jr.
    Grant Sturm
    Joe and Pat Vived
    Doug Waltner
    Supervisor Tom Wheeler, Dist. 5  
    Yosemite Gateway Inn/Best Western
    Friend ($99 and below)
    Fred and Gina Cogan
    Tanya Hill
    Nichole Mosqueda
    Madera County Superior Court  
    Movies Madera