Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS)

  • PBIS is a framework of positive behavioral interventions and supports designed to improve academic and behavioral outcomes for all students. PBIS is an evidenced based alternative to exclusionary discipline practices, like suspension and expulsion. The positive orientation allows educators, students and parents to build relationships that support academic success and prosocial behavior skills. Moreover, PBIS is linked to LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) priorities including Student Engagement, Positive School Climate and Student Achievement.

    Year 1 PBIS Training - Year 1 Site Leadership Team Training. PBIS Leadership Team Training is open to public, private, charter and alternative education schools.

    PBIS Year 2 Training
    Who Should Attend Training?
    Your full PBIS Leadership Team from Year 1 Training will start their Year 2 experience on Day 1 Year 2.
    Through an exploratory format, your team will transform itself into two separate teams:

    1. The PBIS Behavior Support Team that will meet from 8:30‐11:30 am on Days 2, 3 and 4.
    2. The Leadership Team that will meet from 12:30‐3:30 pm on Days 2, 3 and 4.
      PBIS Leadership Team will participate in training that consists of in depth, interactive, activity based implementation of Schoolwide PBIS. The PBIS Leadership Team will solidify Universal PBIS Implementation (Tier 1) which began during the Year 1 training.

    A NEW Behavior Support Team (BST) will begin exploring what is involved in developing the Tier 2: Targeted Intervention process for students at a school site. The Team will learn about the most frequent interventions used at this level, will investigate methods for helping staff identify students for interventions and develop an understanding of the unique characteristics of Targeted Interventions within a PBIS Framework.

    Behavior Support Team members may include: External and internal coaches, regular education teachers, special education teachers, school psychologists and staff with specialized knowledge about behavior and the use of prosocial interventions (BCBA, MSW, MFCC, etc.)

    NOTE: The principal or vice principal is a member of both the CONTINUING Year 1 PBIS Leadership team and the NEW Year 2
    Behavior Support Team.

    Year 3 PBIS training
    The School PBIS Leadership Team will participate in 2 days of training. These interactive trainings are focused around site action plans to sustain PBIS Implementation and ensure Tier 2: Targeted Interventions. The PBIS Leadership Team will learn more about PBIS Assessments as a set of tools to guide ongoing implementation and discuss strategies for transforming school culture as they continue to develop and maintain staff buy in.

    The Behavior Support Team (BST) will participate in 3 days of training. These trainings will build on knowledge from last year’s Targeted Interventions and provide teams with time to develop student identification processes, training of interventions, a student monitoring process and incorporation of student self management skills. The BST will learn more about how Executive Functioning skills support the implementation of Targeted Intervention.

For more information on PBIS or to register, contact:

  • Kathy Woods
    Director, Curriculum and Instruction

    Jackie Whaley
    Administrative Assistant, Curriculum and Instruction