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21CSLA Equity Symposium 2024 with Dr. Anthony Muhammad







    Dr. Anthony Muhammad, a distinguished educator and sought-after speaker is set to present a free two-day professional development series on school culture. Renowned for his transformative insights, Dr. Muhammad is best known for his seminal work, Transforming School Culture. Through this influential book, he tackles the intricate dynamics of school culture, offering a profound exploration of how to shift toxic environments into ones that thrive with positivity and inclusivity. With his wealth of experience, Dr. Muhammad provides educators with practical and actionable strategies to collaborate and create constructive atmospheres that not only foster personal growth but also enhance overall organizational effectiveness. His presence at the Equity Symposium promises to inspire and empower educators on their journey towards cultivating equitable and impactful learning environments.


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About 21CSLA

  • The purpose of 21CSLA is to support educational leaders - teacher leaders, site leaders, and district leaders -  in order to improve campus culture and climate, create more equitable learning environments, and ultimately boost student success. 

    The 21CSLA Program is designed to develop a new generation of leaders who are committed to equitable leadership and a school-wide vision to serve ALL students.

    Leaders for equity transform education to improve access, opportunity, and inclusion, for students and adults, especially those who are systematically marginalized and historically underserved, so that they can thrive. 

    All services are free to participants.

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    Monterey COE - Dr. Roberto Nunez
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    Stanislaus COE - Christine Sisco
    Tulare COE - Andrea Perez

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    small circle with a head where the brain is highlighted  LOCALIZED PROFESSIONAL LEARNING

    Participants in the 21CSLA Localized Professional Learning offerings will have access to an equity-focused menu of opportunities that will support your efforts toward continuous improvement.

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    Communities of Practice are cohorts of job-alike leaders who share a similar Problem-of-Practice and a desire to systematically address this problem through a continuous improvement framework alongside regional thought partners. Communities will meet periodically throughout the school year with the support of facilitators. School and district leaders are encouraged to participate as teams to maximize LEA capacity building.

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    Coaching icon    LEADERSHIP COACHING

    21CSLA provides individual coaching for leaders – teacher leaders, site leaders, and district leaders – interested in professional growth through the lens of equity and continuous improvement.  21CSLA coaches are current and retired leaders with extensive knowledge of leadership practices.

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